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SAC Holdings Inc.

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Hip Hop Artist - Kirk West Fordham - (EP) Cover Design

Hip Hop Artist - Kirk West Fordham - Single "UPTOWN" Artwork

Hip Hop Artist - MeKobane - Mixtape "The Adjustment" Cover Design

Mighty Fuzz Young - Mixtape "For My Generals 2.0" Cover Design

Hip Hop Artist - Mysonne - Mixtape "Its Him Again Vol.2" Cover Design

Hip Hop Artist - Sonny Goodtimes - Mixtape "Wat's Betta Vol.1" Cover Design

DJ 150 Proof (The Knockout King) - Promo Flyer


No Name Ent. 5th Annual - Love Peace & Soul 70's Party

Iguana Lounge - Glow In The Dark Party

DJ 150Proof - Freaky vs Naughty Halloween Bash

MEKOBANE - Promo for Child Of The Gutter "The H.A.T" EP

Iguana Lounge - Watch The Throne Series

Hello everyone, My name is Day - I go by BlabbzMedia freelancing in Graphic Design. I have always worked via "Word of Mouth" but now I finally feel like I should actually create an online portfolio. So I am going to be posting Designs on the Blog to act as a Portfolio for now. Unfortunately two of my hard drives were damaged in moving, so If I've done work for you and you do not see it - that's why.  Check out my work, leave comments, like or re-post anywhere you want :-)
Thanks for checking out my Blog...